It is like Nike+ running
but for drinking
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Create your own party

Name of your party will become your unique address, where you can invite your friends. To create it is as simple as to fill these two fields and hit the button "Party Time!".

Excellent for its functionality

The mobile application PartySmasher is ultimate tool of connection of real world with a virtual party. New dimension of online entertainment brings an unique connection of mobile measures with visually attractive dashboards, which arouses in people a desire for victory.



First of all, mobile application


The key element of the successful social game PartySmasher is the mobile aspect of application. It is focused on the simplicity, clarity and usability. The application dissociates from mobile measures due to exceptional design through universal mobile aspect. PartySmasher is for everyone, without necessity of installation of useless applications. The only you need is unique url or QR code of a given party and the fun can start. Everyone is welcomed.